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Poster: Tyler Date: Aug 25, 2004 3:26am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

i was the admin who contacted and set up the policy for Chad, the manager, read and approved the policy I wrote up for taping / archive. read it by clicking here ... so they should be cool with it, but then again, this was in January 2004. feelings change.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. BBVD just released a few weeks ago their first Live Official CD and often bands (especially non-jam bands) get nervous when they are pushing a live product, and fans want to tape / give away live recordings for free. in these cases they are likely to change their attitudes regarding taping, and not allow taping, or even just not make any statements regarding it, because they want to protect their interests of their sellable live show product.

2. Chad had a 'only MGT approved shows' policy which historically has had very limmited success on the archive (with exceptions). The fact that tapers have to send shows to mgt is only half the battle. the mgt have then go out of their way to let the archive know what (if any) approved sources are OK for Since Jan 2004, we have received 0 notices from them and so 0 shows are up for them. Again, that whole 'only put up shows we approve of' is very indicative of bands that are on the fence on the whole taping thing .. not really for it, not really against it.

3. i just used the contact address listed on their website: ... if you are receiving no response they are probably busy or it is intentional. Though since Jan, i have written several times to get that 'bimbos' show up that they mentioned they have and are cool with, but since the initial contact, no response.

4. Venue's not only can trump a band's taping policy, but they hold the keys to the door. since you contacted them and they have marked down BBVD no for taping, i would strongly believe that if you show up at the door the night of the show with any noticable taping gear, they will not allow it in, as you said: they have marked down BBVD no taping.

So good luck with whatever you do! stealth is prob the best suggestion i have for you. and pick up their official live cd at the show. show them that even tapers support bands and buy live shows.

Tyler admin